Healthy living: A song of silence & sugar free ecological dairy in a healthy lifestyle

A song of silence
Health benefits of dairy in a fit and active life


For quite a few years, some health 'experts' tried to steer people away from consuming dairy products, Like it was a stain of venom tainting people's health with the plague of obesity and diabetes. Other childhood horror stories where told about milk and dairy making guys more female thanks to the cow´s natural estrogen found in dairy products. But personally i have been saying for a very long time that anyone being serious about their health and keeping fit and active should in fact embrace and include ecologically and animal-friendly produced dairy in their daily food.

And as such, I'm very happy to see that the mindset of proper and current science is steadily growing a bigger and more solid understanding that getting back to promoting dairy in people's diets is not just a healthy thing, but also a way for people to eat healthier for less money and that dairy is the perfect choice for a fit and active lifestyle, promoting lean muscle mass and healthy nutrition.

We now know that Dairy actually help you hold off that dreaded tummy fat.
And we now know that Dairy does not increase cancer or diabetes risks.

Yes - there are things to be aware of

Some people are of course allergic to various dairy products and others might want to skip milk and cheese and yogurt entirely due to the more sordid parts of the agriculture and food production business that sadly provide abysmal care and conditions of not just dairy farm animals, but also engage in food production practices that are questionable from a health and environmental perspective as well.

But the bleaker parts put aside, as long as you keep to voting with your wallet and only buy dairy and food in general from food producers that care about producing a healthy and safe product, as well as prioritizing animal well fare and environmental care - then from a health and food perspective it is a simple and sane no brainer to include dairy on a daily basis in your diet.

Benefits of dairy in your fit and active - and healthy - life

Dairy will by itself aid you in lowering your body fat%
It contains some of the best slow, quality carbs and high bio value proteins you will find in any food resource - essential and positive parts in increasing your lean muscle mass while keeping your body fat as low as possible (for the amount of calories you consume). To make it even better, the fat in dairy is actually healthy for you and not bad at all.
Dairy contains quality vitamins and minerals that will help your bone mass and general health stay on top.

And no - dairy does not make your blood levels go crazy, it will not make you put on a magical and unhealthy amount of body fat around your waist and hips or give you diabetes - Furthermore, grass fed, free walking cows from ecological farmers are not fed synthetic or additional hormones beyond their own natural hormone production. So you will not turn into a woman or a beastly hulk with horns, and ecological farmers are usually a good thing for our environment instead of the damaging. abusive and inhumane environmental disaster that is large scale factory farming. ..

And finally - even tho you might think of a bowl of yogurt as "poor" food that is more akin to drinking a glass of flavored water, the simple truth is that dairy is easily one of the best quality staples in your diet - choke full of real quality nutrition, and it somehow manages to do that at a price point almost no other food you can buy in a grocery store can ever hope to match on a pound for pound show down.

So, to make it sweet and short.

If you are either a fit and active person that cares about your health as well as keeping as toned as possible, or a person that would like to improve your health and body composition even if it is just in a small way
Then, instead of wasting money on poor food choices go all out on milk and yogurt, cheese and throw in a yummy protein powder too and you´r all set with quality food at a very low price point. And the financial savings you make, use em on healthy food such as berries and fruits, greens, nuts and chocolate, whole grains - and a gym membership :).

To keep it real, in an easy to overlook way.
Take a deep breath and sit down for 30 seconds and then compare the price and nutritional value of todays pizza choice with one can of milk or yogurt.

And then once those 30 seconds are up, you tell me which is actually providing more of the healthy nutrition your body and mind needs while also being much more affordable to buy and keeping down all those pesky things we do not need (such as excessive calories and low quality carbs, salt and other less desirable ingredients such as sugar.)

And no, i am of course not saying that pizza isnt delicious food, i am just stating the obvious, that pizza is less food then what milk and yogurt is.
It is less healthy, it is more costly and it is of lower quality and it contains less of the proper and healthy, quality nutrition your body and mind needs.

science stuff A recently published study in the Scandinavian Journal of Primary Healthcare analyzed dairy fat intake and central obesity among a group of middle-aged men over a 12-year period. Researchers found that high intake of dairy fat (from foods like butter, high-fat milk and whipping cream) was associated with a lower risk of central obesity, while low intake of dairy fat was associated with a higher risk of central obesity.

Pub Med article, Scandinavian Journal of Primary Healthcare

Please note the study wasn't focusing on fit and active people, but if you are, like me, a fit and active person, that of course only improves on the health benefits and only makes dairy an even saner choice since you obviously care about your health and keeping fit and when you do, the quality of food becomes even more important for you.

A second study published in the European journal of nutrition that reviewed a total of 16 science studies found the same conclusions, linking high-fat dairy foods with a lower risk of obesity.

Pub Med article, European journal of nutrition

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a Song of silence

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Health, Lean Muscle Mass, and a Fit Mind

the age old, body and mind, holds true in this age of healthy food and keeping fit


Keeping fit vs Cancer and old decline

If you are looking for even more incentive to start being a bit more active on a daily basis and to eat healthier and to shed some body fat while you tone up a muscle or two (or 50). If you are looking for energy and inspiration to keep doing it for all of life. Then look no further.

Cancer and the tidal wave that a fit and healthy life can hold at bay

By the year of 2035, a stunning 24 million people per year are thought to be diagnosed with cancer.
Half of those 24 million people could be prevented tho - in part by the simple choices they make now.

By choosing to eat healthier food and by staying fit and more active on a daily basis - since not only the food we eat, but the activity level with which we "entertain" our body and health and the amount of body fat are all directly linked to an increasing cancer risk.

And for the other half of the unlucky 24 million, a big part of cancer and other modern day ailments, such as diabetes are part down to society, which by improving upon air pollution and other negative environmental factors such as farming and clean and safe tap water and food production could greatly lower the amount of cancer and diabetes patients.

As for the role of genetics, only 10% of cancers are actually affected by inherited genetics. Our choice in life style and continual health and the shape of "society" where we live (air pollution, sustainability, green and clean, food/water quality, farming and industries et cetera) is much more important.

From keeping physically active every week to drinking less alcohol, not smoking and not sun bathing to much. To getting your daily 20 minute walk outdoors (in daylight), to not spraying sugar on your food and to skip the soda and juice in favour of milk and tap water. Small choices adds up to a significant health impact over time.

Even just sitting still to much have a severe and negative health impact. And the air we breath, our energy producers all those things add up too. Air pollution is for instance thought to kill off Chinese people on average 20 years ahead of their real life span.

And while neither of us can change society at large from Monday to Tuesday, we can choose to eat healthy, and to kip more fit and more active and those personal choices are so significant that they can increase your chance of surviving even cancer with as much as 40%.

As i said, nothing new, but still worth repeating since surprisingly many still seems to be unaware of how much their daily small choices affect major long term health.

Quote from a BBC article.

Fit, healthy and active

In the UK, about a third of the most common cancers could be prevented through being a healthy weight, eating a healthy diet and being regularly physically active
These results show that many people still seem to mistakenly accept their chances of getting cancer as a throw of the dice, but by making lifestyle changes today, we can help prevent cancer tomorrow
It advises a diet packed with vegetables, fruit, and whole grains; cutting down on alcohol and red meat; and junking processed meat completely

BBC Article

So - dont postpone the start of you taking those 20 minutes daily walks and chucking around some challenging weights at least 2-3 days per week.
As Nike once said - Just do it. (and do it today) :).

In a related but separated study, it was proved that, keeping fit and active (and eating healthy) increases, by a wide margin, your chances to survive cancer even if you have already been diagnosed with it.
Researchers found that men who expended 12,600 kilojoules or 3,100 calories on a weekly basis through physical activity were 48 percent less likely to die of any cause during the follow-up period.

The research team found that the most active survivors were 38 percent less likely to die from cancer and 49 percent less likely to die of cardiovascular disease (CVD) than the least physically active cancer patients.

You can find this particular study in the January issue of the Journal of Physical Activity & Health.


Things to Keep an Eye on

Modern farming and modern food, training and health discoveries is not a strictly one sided road of positives tho. There are things in our modern day society that you need to strongly consider and take responsibility for if you intend for us all to keep building a better and healthier tomorrow (and world).

a Short List, of simple reality

Water and food, wildlife, land, income and health are all finite resources and they all do go hand in hand, when one prosper, they all prosper - help your own health and all our future by picking sustainable and ecologically sane food choices

Keeping active, is healthy
A simple and healthy, scientifically grounded workout routine is to simply get out and walk outside in nature 20 to 30 minutes, 7 days per week.

Doing so will significantly increase your life span and chances of fighting off cancer and diabetes, as well as alzheimers and general health decline such as your mood, eye sight and sex drive.

Even better if you also make sure to lift challenging weights at least 2 to 3 days per week, for 40 to 60 minutes per time. Doing so will greatly help you hold off obesity and muscle decline, bone loss and further improve all those already mentioned health related issues.

Recent science studies points towards a healthy life style, as outlined here. increasing your chances of surviving even cancer with as much as 40%.

And no - all this is not related to being young and crazy health dedicated, all these things holds true no matter your current fitness level and health. And they hold true no matter your age and previous lifestyle.

Short and sweet - Do not buy food with added sugar and do not add sugar by your own account. Sugar is starting to be thought of as pure toxin to your health so take note.

Train yourself younger
Beyond general health improvements, from mind to body, lust and health. Keeping a continually more fit and active - and healthy lifestyle also greatly rejuvenates your physical age to a much younger version compared to your real biological age.

You might not personally like neither bumblebees or wolves, but scientifically speaking you need them both (and most other predators and pollinators) to keep life, health and food production top notch, sustainable and healthy, in other words - buy smart and support food producers that take a long term responsible approach to all our future. Our wildlife out there do not harm humanity, they help us thrive and survive, and they help this planet fight off the negative aspects of climate change and modern day farming and society

Modern day farming
I am a big fan of science and progress. And science and real progress today is all about creating a healthier and sustainable world that is fun, healthy and kind for us all to live in for generations to come. A person or company that intentionally put all our future, our health and life in jeopardy for their own selfish profit. Have no room in todays world and should not be given your support or money. Buy healthy dairy, healthy grains, healthy meat and crops, fruit and treats. Your health is important, and so is mine and every body elses too. And so are the animals that roam this planet, wild or domestic

Modern day farming is a great thing in many ways, but it can also ravage nature, abuse animals and provide a situation and product that is directly harmful to your health and to this entire planet.

Increasing profit is great, but not at the expense of all of us, including our planet. Guide your business, personal life and your purchases towards a healthier and sustainable lifestyle with longevity.

Dairy, meat and crops
Buy ecological dairy made by grass fed, free walking cows that are not fed synthetic hormones. And the same goes for chicken and all other meat. farm products. Buy food that is created in a way that is kind and thoughtful towards the animals and our planet. Not just for the good and kind heart you possess, but because you care about your health and our tomorrow.

Buy whole grains, not cereals. Say no to unsustainable and damaging sea food producers (such as shrimp farm producers and shark fins) Buy food rich on proteins, good fat and with slow quality carbs and low amounts of calories (like milk and yogurt without added sugar). Buy berries, fruits and greens, such as strawberries, nuts, grapes and apples, perhaps even seaweed.

There is no need for you to ever eat and drink food and brewery rich on sugar, calories and high gi carbohydrates. There is no need for you to buy any food that endangers nature and other species. Those types of foods harm your own health, increasing the chances of obesity, diabetes, cancer, alzheimer's and heart diseases - those types of foods are nothing but a wasteful resource drain for this planet (just like dirty, unsustainable energy producers are in comparison to a more sustainable energy producer).

While it might make financial sense for a food producer to grow it´s food in one country and to then ship it to the other side of the planet to process it before finally shipping it back to the original country to be sold in it´s grocery stores.

It does not ever change that such increased profit comes at the expense on all of us, including our planet.

In other words, if you are living in Europe or America, you do not want to spend money on supporting a food producer that causes environmental harm by processing it´s American/European food in China. (Or the other way around).

Just like there is no sense in buying a frozen pizza instead of a can of yogurt fooling yourself that the pizza somehow is better food, when simple reality is that the can of yogurt provides far better real - and healthy - nutrition for you at a fraction of the cost of that pizza. Buy the pizza if you truly crave it,and enjoy it - just dont fool yourself which would have been the better food choice.

Skip the sugar, skip the modern day coffee products with taurine and similar unhealthy additions. Pure black coffee made from ecologically friendly and equality conscious coffee producers is not just a nice energy kick, but also helping your long term health, all while not ravaging this planet like the less concerned traditional coffee producers have and still continue to do.

Keep your coffee consumption between 2 to 4 cups per day and keep in mind not to drink coffee closer then 8 hours to your bed time,

Because if you do - coffee will only help your health instead of derail it.

Unless your tap water is unhealthy and unsafe, skip those flavored bottled water purchases. It is an incredibly wasteful and unnecessary drain on this planet.
Bottled water is not an ecological choice, it is not healthier for you, it is however, expensive and it hurts the environment.

Yes, bottled water is a better and much healthier choice then a beer or a can of coca cola, but it is not much better for the environment per se, and compared to milk and tap water - a plain harmful choice for this entire planet and therefore, a less ideal choice for your long term health as well.

But of course, if your municipality is not providing clean and safe tap water, then by all means do buy bottled water, it is at least a better choice for your health then soda and other beverage such as juice and alcohol.

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    My Question:.
    We already know that obesity ( and a fat powered high BMI ) increases unhealthy factors such as high blood pressure and high cholesterol. And it often increases depression, drowsiness and general sedentary choices. Which indirectly leads to worse health in numerous ways. But if a person with a high fat powered BMI is deemed healthy as far as those traditional markers are concerned is excess fat itself still bad?
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    But even small ordinary things like taking a daily walk carries with it a huge life long health and fitness impact.

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    But that will never change that even fit people (quite a lot of them) are doing the right things for the wrong reasons. Case in point the fit and good looking girl you can see in the IG video I am linking to, she obviously trains hard and regular while being in great shape, and she does know quite a few things about the body and the science of staying healthy and fit.
    Which is wonderful on all counts.
    But like so many other gym goers she is seemingly misinformed about a few things too ( on the other hand, so are we all :P ). Allowing wrongful information and knowledge to shape her choices and the choices of other people that gulps up everything we fit people believe to be true. However, if you are willing to listen to it the beautiful science of health and fitness will guide you towards a better body and better health and better workouts if you pay attention to real fitness science instead of personal opinions. You see, there is nothing wrong with the exercises she is doing. But outside of the wonderful world of human anatomy, there is no such thing as an upper or lower butt muscle as far as your exterior appearance goes, nor is there a meaningful difference as far as your practical fitness capacity and workout goes.

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    The way you are and see the world carries through in everything.
    It shows in the gym, and it is made perfectly clear in the boardroom.

    It is visible in the way you handle your lover, and in the style and feel of your living room.
    The person that you are is not just reflected in those things, but your surroundings in life and nature and home speak in equal measures to your inner self and carries with it real significance for how much you, in turn, will enjoy both life and the everyday castle you call your home.

    This is my contribution to your life.
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    There are out of date school gym coaches still living in the past, badly informed parents, friends, big brothers, big sisters, commercial interests only looking out for the next conference call, as well as uninformed writers working for big tabloids which just happened to draw the assignment to make a puff piece on fitness.

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    The Lost World.

    A long and well established connective tissue in the way I talk and write, and think about health & fitness is that we are all connected through this global ecosystem we all share.
    Which is why I have over the years pointed out that living in a sustainable way is ultimately all about health. Individual health & planetary health. People that are opting to eat shit just isn't healthy.
    Neither from a planetary or individual perspective.

    Just as how healthy fit people that´s living unsustainable, just isn't healthy living people either.

  • Fitness School, Question 35, Let us dig deep down into 'standing barbell row' and the complete amount of muscles it will engage and activate.

    Quality time needed: 3 minutes

    Fitness School
    Do you know the right answer?.

    Question number 35 in our School of Fitness.
    Once we venture beyond the glorious realms of leg and glutes training, there is the never-ending hallway of kicking and boxing to explore and conquer.
    But what else lies beyond the joy of those fit & healthy cornerstones?.
    Well, if it was not obvious so far in life, martial arts and legs and glutes have their equal in the colossus that is weighted back training.
    And when it comes down to weighted back training, actually, when it comes down to working the upper body at all, there is one exercise which I will never hesitate to put front and center (together with deadlift), and that is 'Standing Barbell Row'.
    Here is my question:
    Standing Barbell Row will challenge and work you from top to toe.
    But can you list all of the muscles which you will activate when you do this bad boy in a properly challenging way?.

  • The things we see in the rearview mirror, the world meat free week, and Scandinavian winter scenes.

    Quality time needed: 6 minutes

    Views we catch in the rear view mirror as we leave #worldmeatfreeweek behind us.

    The Lost World.

    Good and healthy vegetarian food is able to provide health & fitness improving nutrition for far more people, despite polluting much less and using up a lot less landmass vied towards animal farming.
    And you can quote me on that because that simple statement is 100% based on science & clear-cut facts instead of peoples personal opinions and conjecture.

    In fact, food production from animal farming is already using up 83% of our global agricultural land. Yet, it is only managing to deliver about 18% of the calories we consume. And does that situation not sound completely unsustainable and fool-hearted to maintain?.

  • Fitness School, Question 34, Is there a connection between weighted leg and glute training and your brain maintaining a healthy neurological cell production?

    Quality time needed: 4 minutes

    Fitness School
    Do you know the right answer?.

    Question number 34 in our School of Fitness.
    Yes, we absolutely love our leg and glute day. The challenge it provides is a huge mountain of fun to climb every single week.
    But, did you know that you are not just strengthening your lower body when you are building stronger legs, ass, and hips?. Of course, you do. You know damn well that those leg days are crucial for the health and wellness of your lower back and abs too. And it sure does tax your heart and metabolic functions too. However, let us go upstairs towards our brainy area with this question.
    Here is my question:
    Is it true that weighted exercises in the gym for your leg and glutes will increase the production of healthy neural cells? ( which are crucial for the capacity and health of our brain and entire nervous system )

  • The Lost World XVIII and the enemy of all things living. #Connect2Earth

    Quality time needed: 9 minutes

    This is the lost world XVIII.
    And how life in the Anthropocene is the tale about the enemy of all things living.
    Healthy living is nothing but the science of life.

    With the rising tide of the Baltic sea far beneath me, I towered the surrounding world.
    Looking out from the crest of the Scandinavian coastline. This was still a place lost in time and mist. A mountain entirely dressed in green and trees, moss and berries, sand and soil, and it is, as much a mountainous castle growing ever taller as it is the place where salt and cold black water comes crashing in to embrace the land of the Vikings.

  • May 22 mark the crucial 'day of biological diversity'. But it is also so much more than that, #Connect2Earth.

    Quality time needed: 9 minutes

    At the crossroads of the Anthropocene.
    May 22 is 'The International Day of Biological Diversity'.
    A day which, is by now, our essential every day reality.

    May 22 is both a perfectly ordinary Tuesday in your life and the global 'International Day for Biological Diversity'.
    But that is not all this week is all about. We also have the endangered wildlife day, which happened on May 18, and birthday number 70 for IUCN. And, as such this entire week represents an opportunity for each of us to make it a healthy fit day for the entire planet and our individual self.

    Also, if you are present in the incredibly lush and beautiful high coast area of Scandinavia, Sweden next Tuesday you are more than welcome to join me and my coworker from Scandinavian.Fitness for a sweaty fit workout at the gym, lifting weights and grunting at Friskis, Örnsköldsvik at 0730. Once we are done at the gym, we will head outside for a walk at 0830 and hopefully enjoy beautiful weather together with the pristine nature of Scandinavia.

  • Fitness School, Question 33, Let us talk about that mighty beast called the Quadriceps.

    Quality time needed: 4 minutes

    Fitness School
    Do you know the right answer?.

    Question number 33 in our School of Fitness.
    Legs and ass and back. That is the holy trinity ( together with the fourth pillar, our abs ) of building a strong and capable and athletic body.
    But what about the makeup of our upper legs?
    We have the backside of our legs, which we call the hamstrings, and on the front, there´s the thing most people simply call the quads.
    But let us dig deeper down into those mighty looking quadriceps and the rest of the anterior side of our legs.
    Here is my question:
    Can you specify which muscles make up the bulk of what we call our quadriceps and anterior leg muscles?.

  • We are standing at the crossroads of the Anthropocene. Earth hour and the essential stuff that lies beyond.

    Quality time needed: 5 minutes

    At the crossroads of the Anthropocene.
    Earth Hour.
    Is by now, our essential every day reality.

    On one hand, we are now living in the day and age of butterflies and endangered white rhinos hopefully being multiplied and preserved through soon to be commercial cloning facilities. finally making sure we will never have to lose another species to extinction.
    Putting an end to the way we lost the last surviving male Great Northern Rhino just the other day.

    And that lingering, hopeful road is walking hand in hand with this growing worldwide awareness that eating healthy, and being healthy is not just good for that one person, but transformative and good for everybody else too.
    Be it from a financial perspective or healthwise speaking.

  • Fitness School, Question 32, Can fitness reduce dementia risk with as much as 90% for a 50 year old female?

    Quality time needed: 5 minutes

    Fitness School
    Do you know the right answer?.

    Question number 32 in our School of Fitness.
    We all know that physical activity and healthy food is just that, life and body improving yum for muscles and mind alike.
    Some might claim they hate it, and others truly love keeping fit and healthy, enriching their daily life in endless supply.
    And you know it greatly reduces the risk of getting a long range of cancer forms, it helps arthritis patients, lower back pain, keeps you lean and hearty healthy.
    It fights off bad sleep and osteoporosis. Slow the roll of biological aging and on and on, and all this is proven over and over by science.
    And so, my simple question this time around is as follows:
    Do you also know if healthy fit women in their 50s have been shown to greatly reduce the risk of getting dementia compared to less fit women?.

  • Fitness School, Do you know the right answer?. Question 31, What´s up with that biceps, give us the lowdown.

    Quality time needed: 4 minutes

    Fitness School
    Do you know the right answer?.

    Question number 31 in our School of Fitness.
    When we are talking and thinking about muscles and keeping fit, Biceps is not just one of the more iconic names in the world of fitness and the human anatomy, it is also a very visible muscle that truly pops on people that keep healthy fit. But where on your body can you actually locate your biceps muscle and more importantly is the name biceps only referring to one muscle or do we have more than one biceps on our body?
    And so, my question for you is as follows:
    Can you tell us if the human anatomy have one or more muscles with the name biceps, and where are they/it located?.

  • A life of health & fitness. Life is a wondrous journey and this is a rough view of this years fitness journey ( the way I do it ).

    Quality time needed: 14 minutes

    Complete the circle of health & fitness.
    Every single day.
    Fitness, Food & Health is nothing but the science of a healthy, fun life :).

    The following is a rudimentary overview of my health & fitness life from Jan 1, 2018, to Jan 1, 2019. Some fitness folks think the world of planning ahead, and some absolutely do need a firm plan for the months and even year ahead.
    Short term goals firmly lined up and long-term goal posts holding their own further out make a world of difference for some. And your own goals can be about certain PB´s, they can involve reaching a certain body fat % or strength goal. Other common goals have to do with cardiovascular performance and might be focused on improving your lactate levels, running speed, zone levels or maximum heart rate. And for competitive pro athletes, those goals usually involve specific competitions and championships.

    So yes, setting up a rough schedule in advance of your fitness year can make a lot of sense.
    Just as how a lot of people count daily steps and calories.

  • Fitness School. Question 30, Let us talk about biological aging and our T cells and that beautiful little Thymus.

    Quality time needed: 6 minutes

    Fitness School
    Do you know the right answer?.

    Question number 30 in our School of Fitness.
    You all know that I have been a vocal proponent of how we do not simply grow old like some archaic fairy tale myth where people are doomed to live fat and unhealthy and frail once they leave their 20´s behind them.
    No instead, my science-backed message has for years been that we simply create and manage our own aging process according to our own choices in food, life, and fitness.
    Be it lean muscle mass, body fat, bone health, even our brain and plenty of natural hormones. Our daily choices carry such incredible weight when it comes down to all these aspects of our own wellbeing and health, much more so than the number of years we have lived or the genes we inherit. And Science proves me right on all these things, over and over, and over again.

    But, how about our immune system? In sedentary people, our thymus slowly becomes less capable as we mature beyond our 20´s. That is a simple fact.
    And so, my question for you:
    Will regular fitness stomp aging in the face or is the thymus and the stuff it does for us destined to go wry as we age no matter our fitness and food choices?.

  • Fitness School, Do you know the right answer?. Question 29, How prevalent is plastic litter amongst deep sea fish.

    Quality time needed: 6 minutes

    Fitness School
    Do you know the right answer?.

    Question number 29 in our School of Fitness.
    We have previously talked about getting enough natural amounts of omega 3 in our food. So let us cast our net a bit wider and deeper as we go hunting for natural Omega 3 sources in the deep sea.
    Yes, we are what we eat kiddos.
    And so, the time has come to talk about one of the better Omega 3 sources out there, which is fish ( like cows, fish love munching away on plant-based food such as Algae and so they end up with a ton of Omega 3, and so can you. ), and outside of Omega 3 fish also used to be a sustainable source of proteins and omega 3 amongst other things.
    The key word is used to be. But like us, and the cows, fish are what they eat.
    And today, outside of depleted fish stocks, fish swim in bodies of waters, polluted, and depleted of oxygen and ruined by us, the human species. And as health & fitness loving professionals and human beings, we always have to consider the world we live in, because we are all what we eat and the way we live becomes the state of our body & mind, life, and health. And if the fish you eat is full of toxins, plastic, and other unhealthy things, that is what you too will consume and thus, become.
    So, here is my question:
    How prevalent is plastic pollution in deep sea fish right now?.

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